Carr said attorneys are analyzing three issues in the event 301

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Replica Hermes Birkin The charter amendment says “and that have a de minimis impact,” not “or.”In an email to Councilman Andrew Shoemaker that was widely circulated by opponents of Issue 301 and quoted in One Boulder’s mailer, Deputy City Attorney David Gehr said the city would stop accepting building permit applications for “new development,” including residential remodels that add square footage, until the city can define what constitutes “de minimis impact.” Adding new bedrooms might have some impact, as it allows more people to live in a home, Gehr said.Building permits that add dwelling units or commercial square footage are likely to be on hold for longer as the city determines the appropriate levels of impact fees, while basement finishes and other remodels that don’t add square footage are unlikely to be affected.In an interview Thursday, Carr said Gehr’s email reflects the current thinking of the City Attorney’s Office.Carr said attorneys are analyzing three issues in the event 301 passes: when it would go into effect, how to treat residential building permit applications for additions and how to define de minimis impact.Carr added that he was trying very hard not to influence the outcome of the election with his analyses.Pomerance said he wrote “and have a de minimis impact” rather than “or” to ensure the city would be able to charge impact fees in situations where additions made it possible for a lot more people to live in a home, such as converting a single family home into a cooperative living situation with many more bedrooms. “It would have been very easy to write it in a way that completely exempted single family residential, and it wasn’t. That’s important for people to understand.”‘It wasn’t an unbiased representation’Jean Aschenbrenner, the Boulder resident who received one of the “get out the vote” calls, said the person she spoke to went even further Replica Hermes Belt, asking her, “Do you know the City Attorney’s Office has said building permits will be put on hold indefinitely?”Gehr explicitly said in his email that residential building permits would not be on hold “indefinitely.” The City Attorney’s Office hopes to bring City Council an ordinance that defines de minimis impact as soon as December Replica Hermes Birkin.

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